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Sweating technology far infrared light waves

The light of life -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the benefits of far infrared ray to the human body

To improve the oxygen content of the body, delay aging
Far infrared ray can make water molecules to produce resonance, improve the oxygen content of the body, restore vitality, spirit more buoyant, mind is more flexible. Can improve the disease resistance, anti-aging.

Easily improve microcirculation system, body and mind
Independence between water molecules can free access to cells, to produce resonance, is converted into heat energy, make the temperature of the deep edge up, blood flow is accelerated, capillaries, reduce heart pressure, from feeling relaxed.

Promote metabolism
Micro-circulation promotes the new metabolism, make the body of waste and (such as microcirculation metabolism, make the waste of human body is (such as heavy metals to cancer, cause fatigue and aging of lactic acid, causing high blood pressure of uranium ion, or pain caused by uric acid, etc.) can be quickly out of the body, reduce the burden of liver and kidney.

Balance the ph value of the body
Far infrared ray can purify the blood, improve skin quality, prevent due to excessive uric acid leads to bone joint pain.