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Light therapy

Now popular a kind of light therapy, namely through the far infrared light to illuminate the body health care treatment, etc.The light treatment, also have the effect of heating.Moreover, light therapy, has the following features:

(1) the treatment and prevention of cancer

Light wave heating to treat cancer and cancer prevention is a hot topic in today's world the medical profession, many scholars have done a lot of experimental research, theoretical research and clinical research.

They point out that:
(1) warm can destroy tumor cells, tumor cells after heat treatment of breakdown products will stimulate the immune system, enhance the immune response and inhibit tumor cells;
(2) the heat effect of killing tumor cells selective, tumor cell death and adjacent normal tissues do not death;
(3) heat treatment can improve the sensitivity of tumor cells to radiation.
Japanese scholars believe that the cancer resistance to high temperature is very weak.More than 40 ℃ temperature is enough to kill cancer cells.And far-infrared can promote the formation of enzyme (enzyme inhibitors is cancer cells), improve blood circulation, eliminating blood stasis and inhibit cancer cells.At the same time, because of improved blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, make the body's metabolism, more conducive to the recovery of the body, this is irreplaceable by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
More or less in the human body the cancer and healthy cells have some cohabitation, when meets the inducing factors, the cancer would have smoulders on reproductive growth and lead to cancer.If you can often do far infrared treatment, especially the far-infrared bath, to preventing cancer can get twice the result with half the effort.It not only can relax our body and mind, kill remaining in the body of cohabitation of cancer cells and normal cells, but also can beauty to raise colour.In addition, the far-infrared bath can make the body sweat, and with the aid of sweating, carcinogens and other harmful substances in the body can be out of the body, this has more direct significance for preventing cancer.
(2) eliminate fatigue
Work caused by the excessive or strenuous exercise fatigue, if not ease, accumulates into chronic fatigue, even ahead of the phenomenon such as aging and disease.To avoid the above situation, can use infrared ray that makes them perspire, so as to eliminate fatigue.Such as sweating, normal except can drain off some cause waste of fatigue, or aging, also can promote the blood circulation, sufficient to provide the required oxygen, in order to make the physical to eliminate fatigue.In other words, so for 7 ~ 10 days, cumulative fatigue will be released for a long time, physical strength and mental can multiply quickly.
(3) about ease the mental stress
Caused by the heavy mental stress have roughly: the symptoms of anxiety, often feel fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, etc., which are caused by autonomic nerve disorder.If appear afore-mentioned symptoms, it indicates that the autonomic nerve function has already a recession.To restore its normal function, the best washing far infrared light wave bath, to illuminate the back, well out of the ten minutes of sweat, might as well warm water bath.So again and again 4 ~ 5 times, not only can quickly restore autonomic nervous function, can quickly relieve mental pressure also.
(4) to help you sleep
Bath of far infrared light waves of people cannot sleep or difficult to fall asleep at night there is a big help.First of all, the far infrared light wave bath thermostat to moderate, 15 to 25 minutes, and to feel the body sweating, immediately ran warm water bath.Ready to rest after 20 minutes, let the body heat fade before sleep better, besides can ease the tension, also can quickly fall asleep.Some people who are elderly or get cold han zheng women, often in the winter because of the poor flesh affect sleep.At this time, might as well before going to bed, wearing pajamas wash the far infrared light wave bath at low temperature, so then you can sleep through the night.
(5) is good for blood pressure drop
People with high blood pressure and heart disease, high temperature of the sauna, blood pressure suddenly shot up, easy to cause death.On the other hand, such as far infrared light wave bath at low temperature, blood pressure can be immediately down.Such as high blood pressure patients to easily reduce blood pressure, the best can often wash the far infrared light wave bath at home.
High blood pressure is due to peripheral blood capillary become small, hinder the blood circulation, and blood pressure caused by the blood vessels.If improve blood capillary and blood flowing, won't produce the phenomenon of high blood pressure.If you want to achieve the above purpose, far infrared light waves washing bath is the best method.
(6) to lose weight
Generally to obesity, and obesity is easy cause adult diseases, such as: heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.
600 calories of sports consumption is equivalent to:
12.6 km 180 minutes walk 18000 steps
Step 12.0 km run for 120 minutes, 14400
Step 10.0 km jog 80 minutes, 11600
Riding a bike - 120 minutes Table tennis - 90 minutes Bowling - 18 mountain bureau - 120 minutes
Wall of tennis - 60 minutes baseball - 3 bureau practice catch - 100 minutes
Rope skipping, 40 minutes Golf - 2
A bath of far infrared light waves, can make the temperature rise to 38 ℃ or so.Such, in addition to the sweat glands and sebaceous glands will sweat, even subcutaneous fat with sweat out, so the available sweating, reach the goal of reducing weight.
But as a result of individual constitution is different, so there are reflected in sweat.In general, each person sweat is in 1 litre per hour or so.If the evaporation khan will consume 0.6 calories per 1 ml, so the one litre of sweat will metabolism fall 600 calories, the equivalent of jogging 10 km heat as needed.And, in general, repeatedly sweating than long time continuous type of sweat burn more calories.
(7) make up for a lack of exercise
After bath of 20 to 40 minutes of far infrared light waves, the effect of sweating is equivalent to jog 10 km;If washed 20 minutes without sweating, is equivalent to the effect of the 2 ~ 3 km walk.So, lack of exercise and usually stay in bed, can borrow far infrared light wave bath to compensate for a lack of exercise.
(8) the whole body beauty
"Young beauty" has been a dream for many women.Far infrared light wave bath with functions of sweating, except can promote healthy skin, beneficial to the whole body beauty, also can enhance the metabolism of skin tissue, sebum secretion and moisturize skin, even can eliminate fatigue, promote hormone secretion, make skin look more elastic.Visible and infrared light wave bath can make metabolism return to normal operation, improve blood circulation, make the whole people will look radiant.
If want to do the whole body beauty, its method is to lower the illuminate of far infrared light wave bath temperature, and then let the body sweating step by step.So long to hid in the dirt in the pores or bad material with discharge sweat a lot, and some don't need to subcutaneous fat will drain off, want to have a pair of luster of the skin, it is easy.
(9) to eliminate body odor
In the so-called "body odor" usually refers to from the body of a kind of unbearable smell, or because professional relationship and send out a stink, etc.Not only is the sweat glands and sebaceous glands, far infrared light wave bath also has the hidden in pores of toxins and dirt out of the body, and the body odor (body odor) erase functions.Therefore, for body odor and troubles caused by professional people, might as well use of the advantages of far infrared light wave bath more to eliminate body odor.Especially some people who often work in the diluent, more appropriate to use more, so as to avoid chronic poisoning.
(10) light waves sauna and the aging:
Human heart like water pump, is the power of the whole body blood flow.Mainly rely on human body blood nourishment and eliminate waste, and through the capillaries and organization.If the capillaries is not smooth, the body organs will therefore and aging, produce disease.It is obvious that when the circulatory dysfunction, nutrient and waste exchange between organizations will be affected, if not timely correcting, can affect the function of the viscera, aging and disease.So, a healthy person, microcirculation function is good.Microcirculation function good people will live long;And premature aging or diseased, microcirculation can appear different degree of all kinds of dysfunction.
(11) light waves sauna and cancer:
Due to the circulatory dysfunction, tissue ischemia, hypoxia, human cells under the action of all sorts of "carcinogenic factor", prone to mutation, fission and become cancer cells, at this time the body's immune cells immune surveillance and killing effect is reduced, led to the division of cancer cells, proliferation and form cancer cell or cell mass.Them with the blood flow in blood vessels, generally difficult to adhere to the wall on the bed when normal growth, because of the microcirculation dysfunction, blood is slow, tube wall is narrow and distortion, changes in blood viscosity, and so on and so forth, make cancer cells or small tumor emboli, briquette in the retention and adhesion, swim out, and cancer cells grow rapidly, geometric progression growth, this leads to cancer metastasis and development.
(12) light waves sauna and fatigue:
Within the human body after exercise, the body produces a large amount of lactic acid, creatinine and other metabolites to stimulate the body, produce acid, expansion, the feeling of pain.Improve microcirculation, increase local blood flow, bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to tissue, metabolic product with blood out of the body, can quickly remove tiredness.
(13) light waves sauna and beauty:
With the increase of age, the skin capillaries is reduced, the skin blood flow began to decline, main show is flabby, flexibility, coupled with ultraviolet light, easy to form shading, finch class and wrinkles, improve facial micro-circulation, increase the supply of nutrients, accelerate the excretion of metabolic product, can delay the aging of the skin, keep skin vigor.
(14) light therapy room with all kinds of pain:
Head and neck inflammation and lumbocrural pain is a long time cause serious damage to people's physical and mental health of disease, clinical treatment each are not identical, and the curative effect is not ideal.Light waves by the infrared radiation therapy room in each part of the lesions and systemic, expansion of blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, make the affected area and systemic blood circulation is improved, to dredge meridians, regulate qi and blood, relieve muscle tension, in order to received analgesic effect.In addition, also can cooperate to massage, pull technique such as common treatment.Was observed, the clinical effective rate can reach more than 95%, significant efficiency can reach 80%, due to the use of shorter time, has not yet found recurrence phenomenon, long-term effect remains to be seen.
(15) light therapy room and skin disease:
Psoriasis, neurodermatitis and itchy skin is a dermatologist problems, has been plagued by doctors and patients, and no special clinical effective way to effect a radical cure.Since the light therapy room after launch, applying light has many hospital room with all kinds of Chinese traditional medicine dermatologist, verified, efficient can reach 90%, generally in the short term to receive significant treatment effect.According to the follow-up of one year's time has not been recurrence.
(16) light therapy room and the adjuvant treatment of limb trauma:
Due to traumatic limbs movement dysfunction is often encountered in life, in addition to the car is the necessary surgery, etc., supplemented by light therapy room, after irradiation can improve the whole body blood, adjust nerve system function, promote lesions outside the nutrition and metabolism, improve tissue regeneration, to promote wound healing, shorten the anti-inflammatory and analgesic time have a significant role.
(17) light therapy room and postpartum recovery:
Because it is well known that women having children, most people will appear in the postpartum headache, back pain and joint pain and other symptoms, if not treated, will influence his whole life, so the folk drink Chinese traditional medicine is often used to build several quilt sweating of the original method, its biggest flaw is sweating is not comprehensive and more painful.Using light therapy room can make women in 40 to 60 ℃ when whole body evenly through sweating, promote the blood circulation, increase immunity, prevent the production of a variety of diseases, if has been accompanied by pain, increasing number of treatment, in order to eliminate the disease as soon as possible.
If the waves are combined with a shower, will bring great convenience to People's Daily life and benefits, and also spread the light-wave bath effectively.